In recent months, hundreds of thousands of people have fled violence

in Rakhine state, Myanmar, with the majority seeking refuge in Bangladesh.

Forced to run as their homes are burnt to the ground, many have fled torture, rape, and unimaginable persecution.

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Video courtesy of the DEC

More than 600,000 people, mostly women and children, are in urgent need of shelter, medical care, water and food as they arrive in overflowing camps and settlements in Bangladesh.

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Photography by Paddy Dowling


Meet Sameera

Sameera is just one of nearly 300,000 children who have fled violence in Myanmar. Children, especially girls, are at risk of exploitation and organisations are working hard to create safe spaces to protect and support them.

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A long campaign of marginalisation of the Rohingya has now culminated in what the UN has called a "textbook case" of ethnic cleansing.

Photography by Paddy Dowling

Human rights organisations have called for immediate steps to stop the violence, protect civilians, and allow access for humanitarian aid.

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Photography by Paddy Dowling