Check on your neighbour and have a conversation with them


Leave unwanted things in front of your house for other people to take if they want rather than throw away. Remember to leave a note!


Help a lady with a pram or a person with a wheelchair who is struggling


Every day do one thing for someone that they may not notice, without them knowing


Pay a stranger a compliment every day

@Chris wood

You fed my soul with happiness tonight in liverpool.. thank you! Paloma for pm!!

@Steve roberts

Great night in Liverpool. perfect concert.

@Sandra Charles

Fantastic concert at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on the 18th of March you were amazing thank you for a amazing night

@jason micheal norris

BELIEVE IN what your doing i am BEHIND you in every way and i love you for what you are

@Leia Whittaker

i love you paloma faith i like some of your song like changing

@Ruth White

Thank you for your message spread kindness

@linda Millns

Paloma thank you for your 50p worth of kindness you gave to everyone at the O2 last night. I'm sure we can all learn from this


please do a podcast paloma. last night's gig at the o2 was fantastic & so inspiring.

@GIll Whitnell

if your peers joined in & formed kindness collective - that'd be powerful

@GIll Whitnell

Fab concert last night,thank you.

@Jolene Harris-Robinson

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


You can be anything you want to be; there's no such word as can't

@Kelly Gill

My 12 year old daughter with hair down to her waist has decided to have it cut off to donate to children with cancer


Love yourself always, because you are beautiful

@Lesley Jenner

Thank U for not only a fantastic show in brighton but 4 inspiring US all 2 look at our inner selves & make small steps for change.

@Katie marks

PalOma you inspire me to be a KindwD

@KaTie marks



YOU, yes you. You are amazing.


Instead of asking ‘whats wrong with you’ ask ‘ what happened to you’ ...try it , makes a big difference

@Pamela Duncan

Amazing concert in Glasgow last night. If only there were more palomas in the world, IT'D be a better place!!

@Christine Steedman

Fantastic glasgow concert paloma. Enjoyed being part of it and motivated to pass on a daily kindness

@Tracy mcalpine

fabulous concert last night - very inspiring words x


I loved your concert last night, very inspiring and as always the music was amazing! I still have a smile on my face x

@Elaine Strang

My mum loves paloma faith and she is a 70yr old girl

@Ross Anderson

At your concert in glasgow i helped an old woman as she was struggling to get up from her seat to dance.

@Nataile Chapman

The kindness epidemic needs to spread far and wide and quick, the universe gives back whem positivity thrives peace and love!

@Alexandra cawthra

May your dry be good your life be long and your heart be happy


Have a nice day and put 101% into everyEry y as some p dont


Everybody want happIness nObOdy wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow with a little rain! Xx


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world