Findet sich Paloma selbst strange?

Digitalspy hat bei Paloma angeklingelt und mit ihr ein Telefoninterview geführt.
Hier sind die drei wichtigsten Fragen des Internetdiensts:
How do you feel about your album making the top ten?
Paloma: "Really pleased. But with success, once you achieve a certain level – which might be beyond anything you’ve ever known – the bar goes up again. I want more now and I want better!"
Do you think you’re strange?
Paloma: "I have a mild issue with the expectation of me being this crazy person because among my friends I’m one of the most grounded and in control of what I do. I think what makes me different from the average Joe is that I feel free to be myself and express myself in the way that I want. If that makes you mad, we’re living in a world of dire straits. If anything it makes you more sane."
With your persona as an artist, do you want the truth or something beautiful?
Paloma: "I always want to give something beautiful and I don’t want to harp on about the truth. In interviews I’m always myself because I don’t have the energy to put on an act all the time. I don’t know how certain acts do that – it must be really tiring."
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